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About Workplace Insurance

Established Customized Insurance Provider since 1995.

About Company

Workplace Insurance

When you need unique insurance coverage, the company to turn to is Life Trends Insurance and their Workplace Insurance Plan. As an established insurance provider for since 1995, our goal remains the same. Make the process of obtaining insurance as easy and hassle-free as possible. Acquiring “Workplace Insurance” is as simple as completing an enrollment form.


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We put our Clients First

As a trusted Canadian insurance broker, we believe in going above and beyond to get our clients the coverage they need. No matter your background or circumstances, we strive to make acquiring insurance as simple as it should be. Our product experts are always on hand to provide support along the way.

When you insure through us, here’s how you benefit:

The sooner you begin the insurance enrollment process, the sooner you will have the protection you need. So don’t delay. To learn more about our “Workplace Insurance Plan” or to speak with our Product Experts, contact us today.

IPA - Independent Professionals Association

All of the Workplace Insurance plans are available to members, and associate members of IPA. The associate membership dues are monthly and are included within your insurance premium. Both membership and insurance may be cancelled with 30 days written notice from you to Adminplex. The Independent Professionals Association (IPA) was founded in June of 1995 as a nonprofit organization to provide assistance to its members throughout Canada. These benefit packages are some of the services provided.

It is understood and agreed that the services and products available as well as dues, from time to time May change with 30 days written notice, and we do not hold the association liable for any loss caused by or that occurs as a result of these changes. We agree that the associate membership dues are payable for each individual product and service provided through the IPA, and the termination of membership in the Association will also terminate the availability of the service and or the product provided.

The extent of the associate membership is that of use of/or participation in services and products provided through the IPA. We understand and agree that our associate membership is limited and does not provide us with all the rights of full membership, including the right to vote on any Association matters.


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